Lori Paximadis

Lori Paximadis

Words Matter. Neatness Counts.

Your third-grade teacher was right. The quality of your presentation affects your grade — only now we’re grown up, and your readers and your customers are the ones doing the grading.

Much like your body language unconsciously reveals more than what your words themselves convey, grammar, style, and layout can affect how your words and ideas are perceived.

Put your publication in the hands of a seasoned publishing professional who knows how to improve clarity and impose consistency without losing the author’s voice, and who can wrangle the most complicated projects into shape for on-time delivery.

Managing multiple projects

The usual workload here at Pax Studio is anywhere from three to six projects at a time, in various stages of progress, although sometimes it’s less, and sometimes it’s more. How do I manage all that? Block scheduling and interweaving. One of the first... read more

Don’t organize what doesn’t need to be organized

True confessions: I love my label maker. It turns my filing cabinet and reference notebooks into things of beauty: neat, orderly, easily scannable to find what I need. However… I have learned to not turn so quickly toward the siren song of the label maker,... read more

Text expansion: Your magic secret helper

Anyone who has talked computers and productivity with me for more than five minutes knows of my love for TextExpander, a program that lets you create shortcuts for typing text that you use over and over and over again. TextExpander is a Mac program, but there are... read more