Thorough check for spelling, grammar, usage, style, consistency, continuity, and clarity, while maintaining the author’s voice. As applicable, formatting and matching references and notes, basic fact-checking, timeline verification, checking figures and tables, and the like. It includes generation of a comprehensive stylesheet (and timeline, where applicable)

Proofreading / Cold Reading

A final check of publication-ready pages (paper or PDF, or in Word if you’re destined for ebook-only publication) for errors in spelling, grammar, and layout, in addition to egregious errors in style, consistency, and continuity. This can be traditional proofreading (comparing typeset pages to manuscript pages word-for-word) or — what is more common these days — cold reading (simply reading the typeset pages without word-for-word comparison).


Checking that changes marked on previous proofs were correctly incorporated into final proofs and did not cause new problems.


Applying Word styles to your manuscript’s various elements to prepare it for transmittal to layout or e-book production.

Project Management

Start-to-finish services, or anywhere in between, small projects or large.


Each project is unique, thus there is no one-size-fits-all pricing for the services I provide. My fees are competitive with those of other experienced publishing professionals. Please email me at the address below for a personalized quote for your project.